In fulfillment of the established in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Protection of Information of Personal Character (in forward LOPD), BESS informs BARCELONA that the proportionate information of personal character, across the website, as well as those that it should facilitate in the future in the frame of his juridical relation with this entity, they will be incorporated in the automated and not automated files BESS'S ownership BARCELONA, which information consists in the heading.
These files have the purpose of managing, of administering, give him the services or facilitate to him the products that it requests, facilitate the fulfillment and execution of the contracts that it could celebrate, to know better his tastes and to adapt the services to his preferences, as well as to be able to offer him new services or products and to send administrative, technical, organizational and / or commercial information of documentary form and / or electronics related to BESS'S activities BARCELONA The addressees of the quiet information will be exclusively the own employees of BESS BARCELONA.
Except in the fields in which expressly the opposite decides by means of an asterisk (*), the answers to the questions on personal information are voluntary, without the lack of answer to the above mentioned questions involves a wastage in the quality of the services that You request. The lack of cumplimentación of the fields determined as obligatory or the supply of incorrect information will disable that BESS BARCELONA could give him the services or to facilitate to him the products that it requests.


Those natural persons who have facilitated his information to BESS BARCELONA will be able to go to the entity, in his quality of Person in charge of the file, in order to be able to exercise free his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition I concern of the information incorporated in his files.
In view of the confidential character of the information, Vd. will not be able to exercise his rights telephonically, it is necessary to to request for any way that leaves witness of his sending and of his receipt and send copy of his ID card or equivalent document.
The interested party will be able to exercise his rights by means of communication in writing directed BESS BARCELONA in the direction indicated to the beginning or to the email address info@bess-barcelona.com .


BESS informs BARCELONA that it has well-established the measures and organizational necessary of safety of technical nature to guarantee the safety of his information of personal character and to avoid his alteration, loss and treatment and / or not authorized access, given the condition of the technology, the nature of the stored information and the risks to which they are exposed, already come from the human action or from the physical or natural way. All this, of conformity with the foreseen in the article 9 of the LOPD and in the Royal decree 1720/2007, of December 21, by which there is approved the Regulation of development of the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of protection of information of personal character.
This way, BESS BARCELONA has established additional measures in order to reinforce the confidentiality and integrity of the information in the organization. Nevertheless, the user must be conscious that the safety measures in Internet are not impregnable.
BESS BARCELONA constant supports the supervision, control and evaluation of the processes to assure the respect to the privacy of the information.


The “cookies” constitute a tool used by the servants Web to store and to recover information it brings over of his users.
The “cookies” They are messages sent by the servant to the computer of the user, consisting of files of text that are stored in the memory of the computer and which gather information relative to the pages that are visited, the time of connection to Internet, etc. The “cookies” They return to be sent to the servant whenever the user enters this page.
The's purpose The “cookies” to BESS BARCELONA belongs to personalize the services that we offer him, facilitating to him information that could be of his interest. If he does not wish a cookie to establish herself on his hard disk there can form the mariner of his computer not to receive them. Nevertheless, we make him notice that, in this case, the quality of the functioning of the website can diminish.
The “cookies” They associate only with an anonymous user and his computer, and neither provide for yes alone the personal information of the client, nor can read information of his hard disk, nor read the files cookie created by other suppliers.
The “logs” are a few files stored in the servant of BESS BARCELONA that information registers on his navigation and allow us to continue giving him the services that it requests. Likewise, they help us to analyze the functioning of the system, to locate the incidents and problems that could arise and settle them in the minor possible term.


BESS BARCELONA thinks that the protection of information of personal character is essential, for what in the supposition of which the user is a minor, this one only will be able to contribute his personal information in the forms of withdrawal of the same ones, with the previous assent of the parents or tutors, sending the corresponding form due signed by the parents or tutors by post certified and with copy of the ID card of the father or signatory tutor at BESS'S direction BARCELONA arrives indicated.
BESS BARCELONA does not answer of that information of minors that without BESS is able to know BARCELONA this fact should have facilitated to itself without the assent of the parents or tutors.


BESS BARCELONA saves herself the right to modify his Politics of Privacy, of agreement to his own criterion, or motivated by a doctrinal change of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Information, legislative or juriprudential. Any modification of the Politics of Privacy will be published at least ten days before his effective application. The use of the Web after the above mentioned changes, will imply the acceptance of these.