Spanish/Catalan for Foreigners

The courses

We use a communicative and practical approach to learning Spanish or Catalan.
Our main objective is to build the skills which enable effective communication in the language you are learning.
The courses are a combination of conversation and listening, together with tasks to increase your vocabulary as well as your grammatical range and accuracy.
These aspects are taught while covering a range of interesting, practical topics.
On our courses, you will learn the language in a relaxed and friendly environment.
The free time gives you the opportunity to explore Barcelona and get to know the Spanish and Catalan culture.

Extensive courses

These longer duration immersion courses allow you to improve your language skills with the added bonus of becoming thoroughly acquainted with the regional life and customs.
The program provides you with an extended period time during which you will be participating in day-to-day activities with native speakers, while acquiring a deeper awareness of different aspects of the local culture.

Intensive courses

These courses consist of between six to twenty hours per week.
It's the perfect course for those who want to combine a holiday or a business trip in our country with language classes.
Students can choose a course length to suit their needs and goals, lasting from 1 to 3 months.
In these sessions you will be able to significantly improve you Spanish, whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced student.

Visits to local sights

In addition to classes, we also offer visits to local tourist atractions in Barcelona, whether it's Gaudi's amazing Sagrada Familia, the Museum of Modern Art, or Barcelona Football Club's stadium.

Spanish and Social Sciences

Perhaps you already have a good level of Spanish, but for your work, lectures, studies and research, or simply for your own curiosity, you find you want to explore other areas in the language? Where can you find subjects related geography, social science, history, those current issues which are changing the world through new technologies, migration flows and the significant changes in gender relations? At BESS, we offer Spanish courses which address these specific needs.

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The teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified native Spanish teachers with many years of experience teaching Spanish to foreigners from many different countries.

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